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BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第1张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第2张图片



“The architecture we are trying to create is integrated with the environment,
featuring sharp forms that emerge within the existing context without any sense of intrusion.”

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第3张图片

BRLOOTE 巴鲁特总部位于绍兴,坐落于工业区的高架路与城市的水系之间。 受其品牌的委托,大犬建筑设计事务所 完成了该项目的整体规划,建筑设计与室内空间设计。项目占地面积为47,114平方米,建筑主体功能为服装智能研发及生产制作、辅以观光工厂、仓储、办公及会议、员工餐厅、品牌展示、零售空间、服装创作设计中心、接待中心、环形休憩广场、空中廊桥与花园等综合性的使用功能。

BRLOOTE Headquarters is situated in Shaoxing, nestled between the elevated road of the industrial zone and the city's waterways. The Greater Dog Architects handled the overall planning, architectural design, and interior design for the project. The site covers an area of 47,114 square meters, with the primary functions including garment research and development, and production, along with a sightseeing factory, warehouses, offices and conferences, Fashion Creation Design Center, a staff canteen, showroom, retail space, reception center, outdoor square, aerial bridge, and garden, among other comprehensive features.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第4张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第5张图片

"裁剪" 作为服装制作过程中不可或缺的创作过程,成为BRLOOTE总部整体规划及建筑基础形态探索的起始点。建筑师如同裁剪者,场地被想象成了一块轻柔的不规则布料,河流将其载入。通过线性穿插、环形介入、切片与角度的关系应用,对场地进行“裁剪”式规划。

As an indispensable process in garment production, 'cutting' has become the starting point for the overall planning of the BRLOOTE Headquarters and the exploration of the building's basic form. Like a tailor, the architect envisions the site as a soft, irregular fabric carried by the river. The site is strategically planned with a “tailored” approach, through the application of design elements such as linear interplay, circular integration, slicing and angles to the architectural form.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第6张图片

建筑师回应场地特点,确立了一条贯穿南北的主轴线,地块东北面为主楼 「裁片Sliced Building」,西南面为两组单体建筑:「镜所Mirrored Building」与「回所Squared building」。在建筑布局中,优先考虑日照、天井与绿色共享空间,并在不同建筑功能的穿插上进行动线规整,以便在使用中能以高效的路径抵达不同建筑。

In response to the site's characteristics, the architect established a main axis running from north to south. The main building,known as the Sliced Building, is located in the northeast, while on the southwest side, there are two groups of standalone structures: the Mirrored Building and Squared Building. In the building layout, priority is given to sunlight, patios and shared green spaces. Additionally, the distinct functional requirements of each building are fully considered, allowing for efficient access between different buildings during use.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第7张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第8张图片


The main axis also delineates the park's main roads and pedestrian circulation. In a relatively hidden location alongside the road, parking facilities are strategically placed to meet the parking requirements of both the office and R&D factory functions. By introducing tiny green spaces, the harsh edges of the road are softened while dividing pedestrian and vehicular pathways.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第9张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第10张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第11张图片


The natural world seems out of reach in bustling and crowded industrial area. Leveraging the environmental advantages of the site, the architect ingeniously brought the peripheral waterway into the site, dynamically connecting various workplaces within the industrial area, thereby constructing an intimate connection between the site and the river. Meanwhile, the circular square serves as a water-friendly platform, linking the Sliced Building and the Mirrored Building, facilitating pedestrian circulation, and also providing a public outdoor relaxation area. The pedestrian bridge connects the circular square to the Squared Building, forming a link between paths leading to various buildings.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第12张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第13张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第14张图片


As an indispensable process in garment production, 'cutting' has become the starting point for the overall planning of the BRLOOTE Headquarter and the exploration of the building's basic form. The architect, like a tailor, envisions the site as a soft, irregular fabric carried by the river. The site is strategically planned with a “tailored” approach, through the application of design elements such as linear interplay, circular integration, slicing and angles to the architectural form.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第15张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第16张图片


In terms of architectural form, the continued use of geometric abstraction reflects the brand-centric approach of BRLOOTE. The building mainly features a black and white color scheme, with clean lines and a recessed entrance, creating a subtle rhythm. The relationship between the exterior and interior of the site forms the foundation for the overall coherence between architecture and interior design, while the functional requirements of each space define the overall architectural structure and internal circulation relationships. The Greater Dog Architects focuses on creating a seamless connection between the external and internal spaces, emphasizing integrity and continuity.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第17张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第18张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第19张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第20张图片


The office block and the R&D factory block serve as the two main components, with two sets of shared space blocks inserted in between, each with different orientations and angles. This design aims to create an efficient, flexible, and dynamic working environment, providing them with a truly collaborative space. The red glass covered bridge connects different functional spaces and forms a cohesive language. The design of the sky garden brings more natural lighting indoors, and also brings more opportunities to the outdoors for the huge building. The sky garden with natural landscaping and ample sunlight eliminates the boundary between the building and the interior. It can also be used as an outdoor meeting space, conversation space, walking path, etc.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第21张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第22张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第23张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第24张图片


The Mirrored Building consists of two two-story buildings, serving as small standalone structures built by the water for the use of the BRLOOTE Fashion Creation Design Center. The overall architectural form is arranged with a mirroring relationship between the left and right, as well as the front and back, dividing it into two sets of four units. Curved, pie-shaped elements add a sense of dynamism to the building. To integrate the building more closely with nature, one-third of the structure is positioned above the water, creating a double-layered mirrored effect in the water. The architect borrowed the river creates a more tranquil environmental language and also brings a more inspiring creative atmosphere to the fashion designers.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第25张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第26张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第27张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第28张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第29张图片


The Squared Building is a three-story structure located on an isolated island in the southwest corner of the site. It is separated by a river, ensuring maximum privacy. Its primary function is to serve as a brand reception center. The design incorporates water features into the building, creating a central courtyard around which spatial circulation is organized. The slanted roofs surrounding the courtyard allow rainwater to drip inward during rainy days. This design provides people with more opportunities to connect with nature and brings poetic moments to the bustling industrial area.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第30张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第31张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第32张图片


For the Sliced Building, Mirrored Building and Squared building, a portion of their roofs is inclined at an appropriate angle to increase the rooftop's visibility. Simultaneously, this design aligns with eco-friendly principles, making it convenient for the installation of solar panels while ensuring efficient drainage. By collecting rainwater and utilizing innovative solar photovoltaic panels on the roof, the generated energy meets the needs of the entire headquarters.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第33张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第34张图片


The western entrance of the Sliced Building leads to the office area. The oval skylight introduces natural light into the office lobby and public areas on each floor, thereby reducing artificial light needs. Simultaneously, a circular, high-ceilinged corridor links the upper and lower spaces, forming a cascading play of light and shadows, enriching the sensory connection within the lobby.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第35张图片


The elevator halls on the east and west sides serve as the main internal vertical transportation. The central zigzag-shaped ramp design in the center of the lobby provides a multi-dimensional experience along the walking path.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第36张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第37张图片


Walking along the spacious ramp, people can feel the sensory changes of natural light from far to near. By placing a large-scale ramp in the atrium space, the architect abandoned ornamentation in favor of the beauty of structure, creating a unique lobby space atmosphere. At the same time, it meets the changing needs of BRLOOTE headquarters. The ramp can be used as a runway stage and a venue for brand events.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第38张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第39张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第40张图片


Located on the left side of the office lobby, the retail space has its main entrance on the north side of the building, serving as the primary entrance for consumers to do shopping and visit the showroom. It is adjacent to the city's main road and has a more outward-facing aspect compared to the office entrance. Through the outdoor cylindrical red transparent glass stairwell space, one can access both the ground floor and the second floor of the retail space as well as the showroom of the sightseeing factory.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第41张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第42张图片


The retail space on the first floor mainly displays BRLOOTE men's clothing and includes the brand's SI standard store display, live broadcast room, fitting room, etc. An open staircase serves as the main circulation route between the floors, combining the functions of display and cashier; A multi-layered structural form occupies the central space, with corresponding functions organized around it; Translucent glass and black mirrored metal applied to the ceiling extend the visual perception of the vertical space created by the staircase. Suspended mental display plates are interspersed throughout the space, forming a dialogue between lightness and solidity.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第43张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第44张图片


The second-floor retail space is accessed via an open staircase in the central area. This space brings together different women's clothing brands, Leding Bespoke, a Salon area, fitting rooms, storage, etc.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第45张图片


On the second floor, adjacent to the retail space, a pathway is designed to lead to the showroom and the sightseeing factory. Visitors can see a live digital R&D through the floor-to-ceiling windows. On one side, the production workshop is equipped with advanced intelligent hanging production line equipment, and on the other side, there is a showroom for customer visits. The showroom provides detailed displays of essential techniques, fabrics, production processes, and more.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第46张图片

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第47张图片


The diversity of work in the fashion industry calls for a flexible office environment that is not limited to desks but may also include different creative approaches. In this building, various ways come together to form a symbiosis where anything can happen.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第48张图片


The journey from the office space to the red glass aerial bridge connects the offices, canteen, and factory. As a shared space, the staff canteen creates an informal and relaxed dining atmosphere. Within this ambiance, it fosters social interaction and encourages sharing among employees, leading to more ideas colliding and sparking creativity.

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第49张图片


Technological innovation has brought new trends in the development of intelligent clothing manufacturing, and more efficient, intelligent and personalized production has been achieved through technological innovation. The Greater Dog Architects has employed a comprehensive design strategy to ensure the reasonable utilization of the site and building. This approach provides multiple possibilities for the efficient use of various indoor functions, creating an energy-efficient, environmentally comfortable, and human-friendly complex space.


BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第50张图片

「裁片」建筑 Sliced Building

- PLAN -

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第51张图片
1F PLAN丨Sliced Building

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第52张图片
2F PLAN丨Sliced Building

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第53张图片
3F PLAN丨Sliced Building

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第54张图片
4F PLAN丨Sliced Building

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第55张图片
5F PLAN丨Sliced Building

「裁片」建筑 Sliced Building


BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第56张图片
South Elevation丨Sliced Building

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第57张图片
West Elevation丨Sliced Building

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第58张图片
North Elevation丨Sliced Building

「裁片」建筑 Sliced Building


BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第59张图片
SectionA丨Sliced Building

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第60张图片
SectionB丨Sliced Building

「镜所」建筑 Mirrored Building


BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第61张图片
1F PLAN丨Mirrored Building

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第62张图片
2F PLAN丨Mirrored Building

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第63张图片
West Elevation丨Mirrored Building

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第64张图片
Section 丨Mirrored Building

「回所」建筑 Squared Building


BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第65张图片
1F PLAN丨Squared Building

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第66张图片
2F PLAN丨Squared Building

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第67张图片
3F PLAN丨Squared Building

BRLOOTE Headquarters 巴鲁特总部 · 服装智造园的多维效用第68张图片
Section丨Squared Building

Project Info.

项目委托:  巴鲁特服装品牌 BRLOOTE
规划设计:  大犬建筑 Greater Dog Architects
建筑与室内设计:  大犬建筑 Greater Dog Architects
主持建筑师:  辛晋 & 胡志红
设计团队:  顾丽玲 张晶 郭林昂 王睿 任双凤 何曼妍 龚龙琳
建筑深化:  同创工程设计有限公司(甲级)
结构设计:  同创工程设计有限公司(甲级)
项目摄影:  Metaviz Studio
项目地址:  浙江省绍兴市越城区三江东路16号
总规划面积:  47,114 m2
总建筑面积:  50,208 m2
设计时间:  2018-2021
完成时间:  2023.12
撰文翻译:  吴秋辰

Client: BRLOOTE Fashion Group
Overall-Planning: Greater Dog Architects
Architecture and Interior Design: Greater Dog Architects
Lead Architects: Jin XIN, Zhihong HU
Design Team: Abigale Gu, Zoe Zhang, Keith Guo, Ray Wang, Francis Ren, Manyan He, Longlin Gong
Deepen Design: Tongchuang Engineering Design Co.,Ltd
Structural Design: Tongchuang Engineering Design Co.,Ltd
Photo Credits: Metaviz Studio
Address: No.16, East Sanjiang Road, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, China
Site Area: 47,114 m2
Building Area: 50,208 m2
Year Began: 2018
Completion: Dec, 2023
Translator: Alex Wu

来源:本文由大犬建筑 Greater Dog Architects提供稿件,所有著作权归属大犬建筑 Greater Dog Architects所有。

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